Premium Sriracha Salt // 2 Sizes

As a collective we offer products that will help you simply enjoy life daily. Our new line of Salts is the first of many new products that will help you enjoy the simple things in life both at home and on your latest adventure.

Sriracha chili sauce is fused with an all-natural flake sea salt to create Sriracha Sea Salt by SaltWorks®. Using their proprietary Fusion process, they took well-known and much beloved red Sriracha sauce and crisp sea salt to create a whole new tasty take on the trend. The flake texture of this spicy salt makes it ideal for use in sauces and broths as it dissolves quickly and evenly. The texture also lends itself nicely to spice blends & rubs, finishing dishes, adding to snack mixes and topical applications.

All our Salts are Organic, Kosher, and All-Natural.

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